Alberta driving school

We Strive To Produce Best Drivers With Defensive Driving Skills

Our Story

Here at the Albertadrivingschool, we have a team of highly skilled and experienced trainers who are striving at their best to educate the people of Alberta how to drive perfectly. They are endeavoring to develop in the students, the appropriate road sense with such driving skills that they would stay out of the harm’s way and keep others on the road safe too.  Helping you learn to drive cleanly and safely is what we aim here at the ADS. To produce the spirit of safe driving, we make the students learn the rules and regulation both practically and theoretically, first educating them in the classrooms and then taking them out on roads when they are ready to safely drive.

  • Customer Satisfaction 89%
  • Professional 95%
  • Safety 90%
  • Relaibility 95%

Focusing on responsible attitude

To get a driving license is not a difficult task, but becoming a responsible and focused driver is something that could take years to be produced. The driving license gives you the liberty to drive wherever you want but with that puts the responsibility of several lives on your shoulders, it is, therefore, essential to educate a new driver about the seriousness of his actions on the road. Our trainers make sure to bring this sense of responsibility in the students before taking them on the road. Along with this, we aim to bring confidence in our pupils so that when they are on road, the combination of a focused responsible drive and confidence makes a driver the best one.

Defensive approach in the whole program

Our course is focused solely on the defensive driving skills. We make our students take their decision while driving depending upon observation and perception while keeping calm. Our trainers train each individual with care and patience in order to bring the best drivers of Alberta to the roads. This helps the driver develop a defensive attitude and become a positive addition to the road and society.

This driving program is for everyone

If you too are looking forward to getting the expertise of trained and professional driving trainers, you will find all the help here at the Albertadrivingschool, a place where we educate the new, old, young, elderly, all kind of students without any distinction. No matter what you reason is to seek the admission in our schools, we welcome you with open arms. Be it the first time you are about to learn how to drive or the preparation of the road test or the confidence build up for the road driving or to show an improvement in the upcoming road test, whatever the reason is, you can trust the skilled professionals at the Alberta driving school today and always.

The high-quality professionals at our school are dedicated to providing the best of every aspect of driving to make your driving experience something fun and safe at the same time. Our team of professionals are all experts in their fields and educate the driving process in the best possible manner with care and affection, like none other in the city of Alberta. The environment of our school, Our dedicated staff, our highest quality tools and equipment and all the up to the mark facilities make your experience here at Alberta Driving School, something good to have today and perfect to remember in years to come.


What would you be learning?

Our expert professionals at the Albertadrivingschool would facilitate you throughout your learning process, giving only the best of the knowledge of learning how to drive properly and with safety. They will educate you about all the major and minor things to know about the driving, will tell you the dos and don’ts of a safe car drive and would be there to answer all your queries until you are fully satisfied.

Let us have a look at the stuff any learner at our school would be having to know:

  • Learning about controls

Our experts will help you learn how to make use of all the controls and instruments in the cars. How to start, how to switch on and off the lights and indicators, how to use the door panels, how to read the indicator signs on the speed board, adjusting the seats, working with locks, in short anything and everything relevant to the car would be taught to you.

  • Learning traffic rules

You would be given full awareness of all the traffic rules and regulations, taught about the road sense, who goes first, which side of the road to take, how, where and when to park, understanding of the road side signs and how to follow them, knowledge of the road marking and lane rules and all that you need to learn to practically take the road.

  • Learning defensive driving skills

Our experts strive to provide you the understanding of the perfect defensive driving, something that would keep you and the others on the road safe. For this, they try to induce in you the proper observation of the surrounding, the correct perception of what to do, quick decision making without any panic. They help you at first understand and then practically perform how to stop, reverse, turn, intersect, change lane and accelerate properly.

  • Learning city and highway drive

The drive inside the city is quite different to the drive on the highways, therefore our trainers practically guide the students on how to properly and confidently follow the requirements of the both types of the driving. You need to be super alert in the city while keeping the speed slow whereas the high-speed drive on highways asks for a lot more focus yet release you of the worry of jams and signals etc.

Here at Albertadrivingschool, we understand that each individual is different. Our expert trainers take each student and according to his level of learning take him step by step to next level. Contact us anytime you want and our experts would be there to facilitate you as our goal is to produce focused, defensive, confident yet responsible drivers.