About – Alberta driving school in Edmonton, AB

    Learning, customer satisfaction, professionalism, safety and reliability, traits that our driving courses are designed to deliver.  We strive to deliver what we promise and there are a few aspects of being driving instructors that we consider our responsibility

    1.     A responsible attitude

    The day our valued customers employ our services, we ensure that they understand why taking each lesson responsibly and understanding that driving is a responsibility, is necessary. Our expert instructors’ cover all the bases required to give our new drivers the confidence required to take on the road in Edmonton and Surrounding Areas.

    2.     Our defensive approach

    Our complete program is focused on staying calm, patient and helpful. The defensive approach meets our goal of allowing our students to make their own decisions through observation and perception when learning to drive.

    3.     Our programs are for everyone

    Whether you are a first-time learner, need a refreshers course or are part of any age group, Alberta driving school has its doors always open for you. Our approach is educational and patient, depending on the learning abilities and pace of the student. Our highly experienced and qualified instructors will ensure that your learning experience here is the perfect balance of education and fun. Our school is open for all levels of drivers; we will assist you in all your driving needs. To view our courses click here.

    What will we teach?

    Driving is more than just changing gears and turning the steering wheel around, it is more about roads, signs, understanding indications and controlling the vehicle. Our experts are here to advise and train the students to understand just that. They are well equipped to answer all the questions that arise while understanding the dos and don’ts of being on the road

    The areas our trainers focus on include

    1.     The controls

    Each and every installation in your car is designed to make your ride safer and smoother. The aim of our experts is to show you how to use these installations for your own safety. From revving the engine and using the door panels to read the speedometer, our instructors ensure that students are well versed in using the controls of their vehicles.

    2. Traffic rules

    Besides emphasizing the importance of traffic rules, our experts will guide you through their meanings in detail.  Rules such as which side of the road to drive on, when to give others the opportunity to overtake, when and where to turn, reading road markings and anything even remotely related to traffic are a part of our courses.

    3. Defensive driving

    We employ the defensive driving approach which allows our trainees to make their decisions based on their surroundings and perception of the road. Each action is first taught to our trainees, such as parking, reversing, stopping or increasing the speed before a defensive approach is applied.

    4. Difference between the city drive and the highway –drive

    Not all city drivers are equipped with the techniques and knowledge to cruise through a high way. This is why attention is given to the rules and differences between the two drives in all our lessons.


    We provide driving lessons in the following areas: