Alberta driving school: Extended Full Course Online

Alberta driving school, An ideally balanced program for the beginners. Under this program of Alberta driving school, you’ll get 15 hours of online training and 15 hours of on-road training. The online and on-road training grant a number of hands-on proficiency which nourishes you to become a sensible driver. The aim is to make you master all the basic traffic rules and regulations, help you know your vehicle, parking maneuvers, teach you controlling the controls and gauges, teach you dynamics and mechanics of driving and training you to drive in adverse conditions. This course provided by Alberta driving school will help you in:

☑Highway driving

☑Lane changing

☑Uncontrolled intersection driving


☑Angle parking

☑Uphill parking

☑Downhill parking

☑Parallel parking

Perpendicular parking

☑One way driving.


Additional Services of Alberta driving school

☑Railway crossing


☑Traffic circles

☑ Weave Zone

☑2-3 Point Turns,

☑ Downtown Conditions

☑Under the Hood Diagnostics