If you have been driving a car for a long time you develop some driving practices that are hard to get rid of. Habits grow fast, but they are a real problem to get over with. If you want to learn tips and tricks, try out driving lessons Edmonton, they will help you out.

1) Driving lessons Edmonton: Resting your hand on the gear stick

Majority of the people that drive a car with manual gearbox relax their hand on the gear lever, and it becomes even worse when you have been driving for a while because then it is even harder to get rid of. Basic reasons for it being is that firstly not having your two hands on the steering wheel is not a right decision because you need two hands for driving the car properly. Secondly, when you rest your hand on the gearbox, even if it’s just a little bit of pressure the gearbox gets damaged as well as other mechanics too.

2) Refueling your car only when close to an empty tank

When the vehicle is not being used mechanical impurities get into the fuel tank and settle on the bottom of the fuel tank. Then when it gets mixed with the fuel, it damages the fuel pipelines and the oxygen sensors in the exhaust. Especially during the winters make sure to keep your fuel tank at least half full so that the condensate doesn’t develop in it. In the freezing weather, the water in the fuel tank can lead to the breakdown of petrol and other problems.

3) Breaking where it’s not needed breaking too much

“Merge into the traffic and keep your distance” this is what they teach in the driving lessons Edmonton although it’s not always the best practice if you may call it. Since the brake pads and brake discs wear off when they are used, If not changed this could lead to severe problems and even end up in accidents. Always remember to change your brake pads and keep check of the brake oil fluid level.

4) Ignoring Judgmental sounds

Often drivers ignore suspicious creaking and hissing sound coming from the car. It could be anything from a significant problem to just a minor fix, but it could lead to the car being broken down in the middle of the road which could end up in a dangerous situation. If your vehicle is making suspicious sounds make sure to take it to a dealership or a local mechanic. Do not ignore it at any cost.

5) Avoiding using the handbrake

When You are on an incline press the brake, then shift gear to park and pull the handbrake then slowly take your feet off the break. Just releases the tension on the break and your brakes last longer as well as the gearbox.

6) Running a cold engine at higher revs

Engines built these days don’t need to be warmed up before you drive. However, it is advised to do so since revving them high up could damage the engine if it’s not warm enough; it puts unnecessary pressure on the engine. Especially in the winters try to start the car and leave it to idle for at least 2-3 minutes before driving off, so the engine heated enough. Driving lessons Edmonton help gain perfection in driving even with years of driving experience we make some mistakes on a daily basis, get lessons so you can be a pro in driving.