Choose Alberta for affordable driving lessons in Edmonton

    Affordability coupled with quality training is undeniable when it comes to getting a driver’s license in one go. Most of our valuable customers are looking for the most convenient and cheap way to get to work every day and back, most are even ready to pay a hefty buck getting there, but Alberta driving helps you get the training you actually need at an affordable price, you may not need to spend a hefty sum.

    Our goal is to give you Affordable Driving Lessons in Edmonton and around. A spacious classroom equipped with the latest tech needed to give you the most detailed lessons on driving come at a price within your budget. Of course, we have over 8 different plans for Driving Lessons in Edmonton courses that are designed to meet the varying needs of our students. Depending on the time and money you can invest in these courses you can choose between our budget-friendly options.

    Our Edmonton Driving Lessons focused, detailed and nothing short of professional as we understand the risk that comes with the territory. All of our courses are highly advocated by our previous students and we strive to keep this reward. Thanks to our affordability and quality services our $200 defensive driving plan is one of the tops demanded lesson plans in Edmonton.

    All our plans are carefully formulated to provide value for your money. We treat your money as an investment in producing brilliant drivers. Our commitment to giving you top-notch Driving Lessons Edmonton is evident in the satisfaction of our customers.

    A brief overview of our various lesson plans can help you decide what works for your budget and schedule. Our Edmonton Driving Lessons are available in courses starting at $150 and going up to $1025.


    This is one of our most popular courses that entail online and on-the-road our depending on the kind of time you are willing to invest. If you register for our $150 price plan you will be getting a free pick and drop service along with the lessons.

    $ 495

    Another excellent plan devised with in-depth research to give you 15 hours of classroom-based lectures, 10 on-road hours and free pick and drop service.


    This is an ideal plan designed to profit the beginner. It includes 15 hours of online learning and 10 hours on the road. This course effectively delivers knowledge regarding high way driving, changing lanes, reversing, driving on uncontrolled intersections, different types of parking and one way of driving.


    Our Edmonton Driving Lessons, offer this plan for anyone driving for the first time or refreshing their practice. There is always room for improvement, with 14 hours of on-road classes and 15 hours of classroom lectures is sure to prepare you for varying situations on the road.

    All of our Affordable Driving Lessons Edmonton are carefully designed to meet the needs of a beginner to any level of drivers. Beside these plans, you can also opt for our other plans to get a more customized approach.