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    Choose the best class 5 driving courses in Edmonton from Alberta Driving School

    Our driving courses for a class 5 pro license in Edmonton Driving is a luxury, although it may not seem like one if you are responsible for towing your family and friends from everywhere. Nevertheless, it is considered a luxury due to the fact that once you are on the road you are responsible for more lives than that of your and your passengers. A wrong decision in one instant can result in dire consequences. This is also one of the primary reasons that driving courses for different license classes exist. Alberta Driving offers Class 5 Driving Courses in Edmonton, which are aimed at training individuals looking for such a license.

    The different classes of the license offer the permit to drive different vehicles. Not all vehicles behave the same, even if you are a seasoned driver. Besides, the rules and laws for varying license classes also vary. In light of this our Class 5 Driving Courses in Edmonton are structured to prepare our students for the test that precedes this license.

    Once you have cleared the test there is a certain class of vehicles you will be able to drive, but, before your training, you need to be eligible for a said license.

    The good news is that the Class 5 Pro Driving Courses Edmonton offered at Alberta Driving provide you with the exact information you need regarding this specific licensing. The eligibility for each class of license varies, what may be allowed for a class 3 license is not necessarily true for a class 5. But before you can go the pro route with a class 5 license you will need to have a class 7 learner’s license with about 12 months of driving on the road. You also need signed permission from your legal guardian or parents if you are 16 years of age and under 18 years.

    Most of the students that join our Class 5 Pro Driving Courses Edmonton do so to pursue driving as a profession. But this is not a threshold; you can enroll in these classes to be able to drive the vehicles that fall under said license. Once you have attained the license you will be able to drive an a2 axle (single motor), a motorhome (without any airbrakes, unless you have a license for vehicles with airbrakes), a tow trailer (with one or more than one axle) as well as different vehicles used for recreational purposes including a moped.

    Understanding these vehicles before you take the test is mandatory. This is why our Class 5 Pro Driving Courses in Edmonton, cover the details of the vehicles you will be able to drive in their curriculum.

    Our courses are not just limited to academic knowledge of the workings of a vehicle and the road. We focus on more than just the license you are working for. We aim to produce drivers who understand the impact of their on-road decisions and how the cars they drive to fit into the equation. If you are looking for a pro license upgrade give us a call today or enroll in our lectures now.