1. Can I use my own vehicle for the road test?

    Answer: Yes, you can drive your own car, but be sure you have a valid licence, insurance, and that your vehicle’s headlights, signal lights, and brake lights are all operational. Also, ensure sure the windows aren’t tinted and there aren’t any cracks in the windshield that limit the driver’s view.

    2. Can I use the driving school vehicle for the road test?

    Answer: Yes, you are permitted to utilize the vehicle provided by the driving school. To reserve a vehicle, you must notify your instructor or driving school at least 24 hours ahead of time.

    3. What are the requirements to book Class 5 GD road test?

    Answer: You must be 16 years or older and have your class 7 learners for at least one year.

    4. I have a full license from another country, can I transfer to get Class 5 Advance licence?

    Answer: It depends on what country you came from, for more details please contact your local registry.

    5. Where does Alberta driving school provide driving lessons?

    Answer: We provide driving lessons in Edmonton and Surrounding areas. Please take a look at our service areas below:

    6. What are the charges for a driving lesson?

    Answer: We provide multiple driving lessons in Edmonton and surrounding areas. The price varies on the basis of course and service area. Please visit the Our Courses page to view pricing.

    7. How can I book my road test?

    Answer: There are two ways to book your road test.

    Online: You can go to the Alberta Road Test Scheduler to book your road test.

    In-Person: at an Alberta registry agent