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Welcome to Alberta Driving School

Welcome to Alberta driving school where you will receive responsible, in-depth driving lessons to ensure that you leave our institution a well-trained driver. Here you will find just the right course for you and the kind of learning environment which promotes a defensive learning approach. Our instructors are unparalleled in providing a trainee with the kind of exposure and training required to get any class of license they may be looking for. Safe and responsible driving is the basic fundamentals of our courses. To get a booking call us now at +17802175771 or sign up here on our website! Looking forward to seeing you at one of our classes.

Value for money

Get more value for your money with feature rich training packages.

Friendly Staff

Caring, Patient and Multilingual staff. Professional and Quality training.

Best In Car Training

Comprehensive Hands On Training for control units with our in car sessions.

Driving Lessons

Affordability coupled with quality training is undeniable when it comes to getting a driver’s license in one go. Most of our valuable customers are looking for the most convenient and cheap way to get to work every day and back, most are even ready to pay a hefty buck getting there, but Alberta driving helps you get the training you actually need at an affordable price, you may not need … Continue reading Driving Lessons

Class 5 Driving Course

A driving test in itself can be stressful and intimidating, but with our Class 5 basic driving course Edmonton you will be able to take on the challenge. As Class 5 driver’s license tests can be heavy on the pocket, it is best to eliminate any chances of failure. We understand all the implications of a class 5 test and therefore are equipped with the tools required to get you … Continue reading Class 5 Driving Course

Driving Instructors

If you have been behind the wheel even for once you might understand what it feels like to be on the road and have a machine at your command. It feels intimidating, to say the least, but we at Alberta driving have seen first timers go from shivering individuals who are terrorized by the concept of the road to expert drivers in a matter of classes. It is safe to … Continue reading Driving Instructors

Drivers Training

A fine driver emerges only when the learning sessions have been informative and detailed. In order to deliver responsible and defensive drivers to the roads of Alberta, we take our job providing drivers training in Edmonton seriously. Professionalism and quality services are our top priority when it comes to preparing drivers for the road. Since we provide lessons for everyone, we do so on the terms indicated by the driving … Continue reading Drivers Training

Pro Driving Course

Our Driving courses for a class 5 pro license in Edmonton Driving is a luxury, although it may not seem like one if you are responsible for towing your family and friends from everywhere. Nevertheless, it is considered a luxury due to the fact that once you are on the road you are responsible for more lives than that of yours and your passengers. A wrong decision in one instant … Continue reading Pro Driving Course


Alberta Driving School– Full Course
Alberta Driving School– Full Course
Alberta Driving School – Online
Alberta Driving School – Online
Alberta Driving School : Extended Full Course
Alberta Driving School : Extended Full Course
Alberta driving school: Extended Full Course Online
Alberta driving school: Extended Full Course Online
Driving School Edmonton : Full Course (Value For Money)
Driving School Edmonton : Full Course (Value For Money)
Alberta Driving School: Full Course Online (Value for Money)
Alberta Driving School: Full Course Online (Value for Money)


You can download the handbooks for official driver education, provided by the Government of Alberta:-

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