1. All fees must be paid in full prior to drivers training course start date. Course completion certificate will not be issued prior to completing the training (This includes in Class and in Vehicle Training). There will be a $50 CADcharge for a cheque not honored (NSF Cheque refused due to other reasons).
    2. Late Payment charges $15 CAD / Day.
    3. 24 hours’ notice required for cancellation of appointment otherwise $75 will be charged, No exceptions, If instructor decides that the weather or road condition or other situations are not optimal for driving, he/she can change or cancel the schedule any given time.
    4. The in class time within 60 days, after 60 days, $50 CAD for late fee.
    5. Late fee after 1 year = $100 CAD
    6. Certificate extra copy fee = $50 CAD
    7. If during in-Vehicle session, student action results in a traffic safety violation or collision or an action not in accordance with the traffic safety act, the student will be held liable.
    8. School contracts with you is to provide instructions for the duration specified above, your performance in road test or on the road is not schools responsibility, new driver will require minimum 2-3 practice hours for each lesson hour.