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    Get driver's training for Class 5 basic driving course in Edmonton

    A driving test in itself can be stressful and intimidating, but with our Class 5 basic driving course in Edmonton, you will be able to take on the challenge. As Class 5 driver’s test can be heavy on the pocket, it is best to eliminate any chances of failure. We even provide Class 5 advanced driver’s training and can definitely help our students with their tests. We understand all the implications of a class 5 road test and therefore are equipped with the tools required to get you the right training.

    A Class 5 basic driving course in Edmonton allows you to drive vehicles such as and a 2 axle (single motor), a motorhome (without the air brakes), tow a trailer that has one or more than one axles and mopeds along with other kinds of recreational vehicles. Our experts will prepare all the details of the vehicles you will be able to drive once clear the tests. A driver’s education course is part of our curriculum when it comes to preparing for a basic class 5 license test. To book your classes with our experts all you have to do is sign up through our website or just give us a call.

    Once you have booked our services to prepare you for a Class 5 basic driving course in Edmonton, our instructors will discuss the eligibility criteria with you and how well you fare in your chances to get your class 5 license.

    The age requirement for this license is above 16 and anyone under 18 requires written consent from their parents. We believe in promoting responsible driving and will not train anyone under the age limit for this specific license. Apart from the age restrictions, several other rules need to be followed if you have your eyes set on this specific license.

    Our class 5 basic driving course Edmonton includes lectures with both on-road hours as well as online hours. As our priority is to ensure that you drive safely and understand your responsibility as the driver of a Class 5 vehicle, our instructors are there for your help every step of the way. We are willing to guide you through your complete preparation and are more than happy to put in the extra effort.

    This includes providing you with all the information needed to avoid mistakes and practices that can compromise the integrity of the vehicle. As all our courses employ a defensive approach our class 5 basic driving course Edmonton program also uses the same.

    Our students are provided the environment that is needed to learn and gain confidence which allows them to make informed and perceptive decisions when on the road. The vehicle is just the machine and your confidence behind the wheel is what steers you clear in a road test.

    If you need more information regarding the eligibility and criteria, our customer service is more than ready to assist you through a phone call.