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    Benefits of Winter Tires

    During Alberta’s cold season (which, let’s face it, lasts far longer than winter), winter tyres improve traction for accelerating, slowing down, and staying on the road. We’ve got all the information you’ll need to make an informed decision.

    Benefits of Winter Tires in Alberta:

    • Your all-season tyres will last longer if you use winter tyres.
    • A full set on winter tires provides great traction and control of your vehicle on icy roads.
    • Winter tires that are properly inflated stay soft and have a better possibility of assisting the vehicle in regaining control while braking.
    • Winter tyres are made up of silica, a substance that keeps the tire flexible in freezing conditions while also providing good traction and braking on wet roads. In cold temperatures, silica retains its characteristics, allowing for a good grip on snow and ice-covered roadways.
    • Winter tires have a larger void ratio, which means they can channel water and snow away from the footprint better.

    mountain snowflake winter tires

    Don’t know how to identify winter tires?

    Look for the “mountain snowflake” symbol (shown above) which represents that tires fulfill the industry wide winter performance requirement. Winter snow tires are a good choice for drivers in rural regions or who face a combination of winter weather because they are designed to avoid snow build-up and increase traction in moderate to heavy snow.

    When the average temperature drops below 5 – 7° C, drivers should consider switching to winter tyres.

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