Brush-up lessons Edmonton cost

    Brush up lessons in Edmonton – Alberta Driving School

    How can brush up lessons help you enhance your skills?

    Every driver who has been driving may enhance their skills before giving any next-tier road test. For drivers who want to improve their abilities and confidence in certain areas, such as learning how to drive a manual transmission vehicle, we offer tailored brush-up sessions. These one-on-one refresher courses are also an excellent method to prepare for a road test or improve a driving score after completing our New Driver Program.

    Brush-up lessons Edmonton cost
    Our student clearing road test in the first attempt after getting brush up lessons from Alberta Driving School

    What you will learn?

    Learn from the best driving school in Edmonton. We have well-trained instructors with years of experience in teaching new students how to drive. The length of each lesson varies depending on the demands of the driver, but in-car training should last at least two hours. The following topics can be covered in your brush-up session:

    • Learn how to drive a car with a manual transmission.
    • How to drive in the cold, at night, or in poor road conditions.
    • The proper technique for parallel parking, uphill parking, downhill parking.
    • Highway driving best practices.